Tape coilers

Greetings from the Factory of Tape and Rope Coiler

Our company is a small cooperative established in 1984. In a first phase, the cornice pole of the Venetian blind is manufactured, which was delivered to the factory in Makó, as well as the bossing of the Venetian blind, which are offered to private buyers. As early as at this time the manufacture of winding up systems of blind belts took place, which was commenced in accordance to this demand. In 1985, the demand for cold rolled profiled increased, thus, PHILIPS and in the following IKEA stand for most of the manufacture of fluorescent lights, picture frames, wall rails and other profiles, being in harmony in addition to the manufacture of other blind profiles. We has functioned as a limited company (“Kft.”) since 1989 in a proportion of 70% Hungarian ownership and 30% Swiss ownership. From 2002 on, the company became a 100% Hungarian venture operated under the name “Nádas and Leánya Kft.”, abbreviated: “N&L Technika Kft.”


our main profile consists of the manufacture of tape and rope coilers, as well as some accessories like tape and cords needed to blind motion etc. The excellent quality of our products is guaranteed by careful design, ergonomic configuration, quality of raw materials and our internal quality assurance system. The accessibility of our company became much easier due to the completion of Roadway M2.

Our main activities:

  • Manufacture of cold rolled profiles
  • Manufacture of metal consumption goods
  • Plaiting (manufacture of ropes and cords)
  • Weaving of narrows belts (tapes, bands)
  • Manufacture of winding up systems (tape and rope coilers)

Why to choose us and our products? We may not reveal the secret of the fact that the less problem in the market is with our Venetian blinds, but we do offer the lowest possible price, the best and permanent price/quality ratio for each of our products, including drawing belts and cords.  Your orders shall be processed in a prompt manner, in a pleasant environment of our store in Börzsöny, however, we are ready to deliver your order to your domicile business, too.  Our purpose is to convince our clients to come back to us and to leave with satisfaction. We are steadily extending the sphere of our products in order to save time for you. This sphere is conceived in a manner to be possible to connect the function of our products to each other (blinds automatics, belts, strip, cord, cord block). We shall satisfy your orders within the shortest time. All these guarantee the outstanding quality of our products and the atmosphere of intimacy of our services.