Declaration/ General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is the regulation on the protection of personal data and the free flow of such data adopted by the European Union and the Council, otherwise referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation. 

You accept the declaration set forth below by accessing the website Please exit the website if you do not agree with the conditions set forth below.  


The content of the website (texts, images, animation, videos) constitute the property of N&L Technika Ltd. and is protected by copyright. Any given content component of the website may not be used without the written consent of its holder. 


Company name: N&L Technika Ltd. 

Registered seat: 1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 117. III.em.17 

Tel.: +36 20 9462 144 

Fax: +36 27 383 304 


Company registration number: 01-09-072483 

Tax number: 10454819-2-41 

EU tax identification number: HU10454819 


Linux Hungary Ltd. 

8000 Székesfehérvár, Mátyás király krt. 10. 

Tel.: +36 22 504 585 

Fax.: +36 22 504 586 

Tax number: 13389978-2-07 

Company registration number: 07-09-012034 


Data protection, use of cookies 

The website uses the analysis services of Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA), namely, the Google Analytics App. Data on the number of website visitors stored in cookies and the user IP address are transmitted to and stored on Google servers. Google uses this data to assess the website use habits of users. It generates statistical reports based on this data for the operator of the website, for to cater for user needs as best possible. 

Only anonymous data is collected within the framework of the Google Analytics service; the data collected does not enable the user to be identified, it is only used to generate summary statistics. Google may disclose this information to third parties if stipulated by law or the given third parties process this information at the request of Google. Please read Google Terms of Service. 

Download the Google Analytics Opt-out browser add-on if you do not want Google Analytics to prepare a report on the activity it performs on this website. 

Use the data protection browser setting to delete the cookies from our website. 

The website uses a cb-enabled cookie, the value of which is 1. This will be stored in your browser for one year after enabling the cookie and its availability indicates that the you have accepted the cookies. 

Contact form / Webshop order form 

The name, email address you provided (as well as your telephone number in the case of webshop orders) and the time when you sent the message will be stored on the server of the website by completing and sending in the contact form. The operator of the website uses the data you provide to contact you and to retrieve the message/order in the case of possible disputes. We also separately delete the above data at the request of the sender, otherwise the above data is automatically deleted from the server one year after the message was sent.     

The above data may not be disclosed to any third party, used for an alternative purpose (forwarding, amendment, etc.). The controller shall refrain from using the data for direct marketing in the case of private persons.    

The above forms may only be sent to the processor, if the message sender ticks the box "Processing - I consent to the processing of my personal data". 

  • Right of access: The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him or her are being processed, and, where that is the case, access to the personal data. 
  • Right to rectification: The data subject shall have the right to obtain the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning him or her and shall have the right to have incomplete personal data completed. 
  • Right to erasure: The data subject may request the erasure of her or his data. Whereby the controller ensured access for third parties to the data requested to be erased, it must inform all those to whom the given data was made public for them to erase every personal data kept by them and references to these. The purpose of this is for the given data to "disappear" from the accessible databases, unless there is a legal or rational impediment to this.   
  • Right to restriction of processing: The data subject shall, in certain cases, have the right to obtain from the controller restriction of processing, such as in the context of a pending, legal dispute or if the processing of the data is no longer necessary, but is nonetheless requested by the data subject. 
  • Right to object: The data subject shall have the right to object, on grounds relating to his or her particular situation, at any time to processing of personal data concerning him or her. 


Our customers’ following data are stored in our invoicing programmes: company/buyer name, invoicing address, tax number, delivery address (if different from the invoicing address), method of payment, other data containing memos. We aim at the storage of such data to be able to prepare invoices meeting the statutory requirements and to provide services to our Partners at the highest possible level. The above data shall be amended or deleted upon the written request of the company concerned within five working days, at the latest, in other cases such data will not be amended or deleted. Memos in other data are automatically deleted within three business days, if they have lost sense or were fulfilled. 


Anyone may request the erasure of their data by issuing a verbal statement to the controller, in writing, via post, via email or on the website, preferably on the platform through which the data was lawfully sent to the controller.    

Body competent body for data protection problems:

Body competent for legal matters: 

  • District Court of Vác 
  • Postal address: 601 Vác, Pf. 244 
  • Address: 2600 Vác, Budapesti főút 14 
  • Tel.: +36 27 317-599; +36 27 315-381 
  • Fax: +36 27 511-221 
  • Email: 


1. Controller: 

Company name: N&L Technika Ltd. 

Registered seat: 1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 117. III.em.17 

Tel.: +36 20 9462 144 

Fax: +36 27 383 304 


Company registration number: 01-09-072483 

Tax number: 10454819-2-41 

EU tax identification number: HU10454819 

2. Please note that this company as a Data Manager operates an electronic surveillance system in the room indicated by this sign for the purpose of protecting human life, bodily integrity, personal freedom, business secrets, and assets. The system allows for direct surveillance and for recording and storing images and sounds. The camera also records your behaviour. 

3. Purpose of data management: To enforce the Data Manager’s legitimate interests. 

4. Information to visitors and clients: We need the consent of any third party (visitor or client) entering the area under surveillance to make and manage audiovisual recordings of them. Your implicit conduct shall be understood as a consent. Implicit conduct shall especially mean an individual’s entry to the area under surveillance despite this information. The purpose of data management is laid down in Paragraph 1 and its legal grounds are the affected person’s consent. 

5. Term of storage: We shall keep recordings for no more than 21 business days unless they are used. Use shall mean the intended use of a recorded audio, visual or audiovisual recording, and any other personal data as evidence in a court or other official procedure. 

6. Place of storage: The Data Manager’s site. 

7. Authorised viewers: The data recorded by the electronic surveillance system shall be available for viewing to all parties authorised by the relevant law as well as to the operating staff, the employer’s manager and their deputy, and the workplace manager of the area under surveillance for the purpose of revealing breaches of law and checking the system’s operation. 

8. Data security measures: 

a) The screen used for viewing and replaying the visual recordings are mounted so that such recordings cannot be seen by any unauthorised person during their broadcasting. 

b) The Data Manager performs surveillance and replays the stored visual recordings only for identifying any unlawful conduct and taking any action to terminate it. 

c) The central recording unit is the only device that may record the images broadcast by the cameras. 

d) We keep all media of the recordings in a closed place. 

e) The stored visual recordings are only available safely to the Data Manager. 

f) We document every replay and saving of the stored visual recordings. 

g) Where a person loses their authorisation, the Data Manager will immediately terminate access to the stored visual recordings. 

h) The hard disk separated inside the recording device runs the operation system and the recordings. No separate back-up copy is made of the recordings. 

i) As soon as we notice any unlawful conduct, we take action to store the recording of such conduct and to immediately apply for the required official procedure, while informing the authority that a visual recording has been made of such conduct. 

9. Information on the affected person’s rights and on the enforcement of rights A person whose right or legitimate interest is affected by the registration of the data of the audio or visual or audiovisual recording may request the party managing such right or legitimate interest, no later than three business days after the audio or visual or audiovisual recording was made, proving their right or legitimate interest, to not destroy or cancel such data. 

The affected person’s rights are detailed in our Data Management Guide, available on the website and at the seat of the company. Specifically, the affected person is entitled to transparent information and to the promotion of communication and the exercise of their rights. They may file a complaint with the supervisory authority and seek efficient court redress against the Data Manager or the Data Processor. 

The Data Manager must enable the affected person to exercise their rights. The Data Manager must inform the affected person without undue delay but no later than one month after receipt of the application about any action taken in response to their application for the exercise of their rights. If the Data Manager does not take action in response to the affected person’s application, it will inform the affected person without delay but no later than one month after receipt of the application about the reasons for not taking action and about the person’s right to file a complaint with any supervisory authority and to seek court redress. 

The Data Manager will provide all information, including the affected person’s rights, and announce any action free but may charge a fee in the cases specified by law. 

Declaration of the Developer of this site

The service code (all files in the document root directory of on the server (hereinafter Server) of the service provider of the host, hereinafter PHP code) developed by sole trader Péter Kiss for the website (hereinafter Website) complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as follows:

Cookie management:

  • The Website does not create cookies in the browser of visitors accessing the Website (hereinafter Visitor) without the explicit consent of the Visitor. The Visitor may consent to cookies by clicking on Accept on the bottom of the page.
  • The Website uses the following cookies: cb: the Visitor accepts cookies (value: 1)
  • Google Analytics cookies: _ga, _gat, _gid
  • The Visitor may revoke cookie consent at any time after allowing cookies by clicking on Delete cookies on the bottom of the page. By doing so, cb, _ga, _gat, _gid cookies will be deleted from the Visitor's browser.

Google Analytics service

The Website uses the Google Analytics after the Visitor accepts cookies.

Contact form and Webshop order form

There is a contact form and a webshop order form on the Website. The Visitor must in both cases provide her/his name and email address to send the form, as well as a telephone number in the latter case. Either form may only be sent if the Visitor consents to the handling of personal data, i.e. ticks the checkbox that is empty by default.

Personal data on the Server is sent to the MySql database of the Website in the case of both forms.

The data is also sent to the following email address in the form of an email message in the case of the contact form:,

The data is also sent to the following email address in the form of an email message in the case of the webshop order form:,

Data sent on the forms and stored in the MySql database is accessible to the Website administrator and can be deleted from the Website administration platform. Data sent on the forms and stored in the MySql database is automatically deleted after one year (365 days). Automatic deletion is performed by a cron job set on the Server and is run daily.

Only the Website administrators may log-in to the Website to edit it. Administrator activities are logged after the administrators log-in. Logging does not affect Visitors that are not logged in.

Beyond the above, the Website's PHP code does not collect pr store any other Visitor personal data.