General Terms of Contract

These General Terms of Contract shall apply to all contractual relationships between (hereinafter: the Seller or Manufacturer) and the Customer. The stipulations thereof shall also apply to any future business relationship between the Parties even if they have not agreed on any other written contract. N&L Technika Kft.


  • Orders may be placed orally or in writing using the contact details of the Manufacturer. 
  • Orders for custom-made (individually manufactured) products (i.e. those manufactured at the Customer's express orders) may only be placed in writing. In such cases the full price of a custom made product shall be paid before manufacturing is commenced. The amount paid shall be treated as down payment, with the concept of which both the Manufacturer and the Customer are familiar.
  • In the case of an offer/order, the Manufacturer issues a pro forma invoice, which shall be valid for 14 days unless the Manufacturer stipulates otherwise.
  • Orders will start in production after Manufacturer has the payment of pro forma on his bank account.


  • Until the purchase price is paid in full, the Manufacturer retains title to the products. 
  • Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or cash on delivery if a product is delivered by a freight company. 
  • In the case of bank transfers only pre-payment is accepted. In the case of prepayment, the handover/acceptance of a product is conditional upon the full amount of the purchase price having been credited to the bank account of the Manufacturer.
  • The purchase price of custom made products already manufactured is not refundable under any circumstances (e.g. cancellation of an order).
  • All costs stemming from the cancellation of an order by the Customer after payment has been made shall be borne by the Customer. The Customer shall pay the purchase price of the custom made products manufactured for it.

Takeover of goods, delivery

  • Place of takeover: Plant 1 of the Manufacturer: Product prices are all EXW Kismaros at the plant of the Manufacturer. The costs of any takeover at a location other than that shall be borne by the Customer. H-2623 Kismaros, Szokolyai út 110.
  • Date of takeover of goods at the plant of the Manufacturer: at an arranged date, between 10:00 and 14:00 on working days. The Manufacturer shall not be held liable for any damage incurred to any freight company/the Customer/ any third party arriving at a date and a time different from the above.
  • After the order has been performed, the Manufacturer will notify the Customer of such. The Customer shall pay the total amount of the purchase price of the products concerned, and have them shipped within 7 working days. The Manufacturer will charge a storage fee for any additional day after the 7-day period, and the Customer may have the goods concerned shipped after paying such fee. Storage fee: net EUR 20/m³/day.
  • If goods are shipped by a freight forwarder, orders may only be placed in writing. If the goods have already been handed over to the freight forwarder and the Customer cancels its order, all costs incurred as a result thereof shall be borne by the Customer, who shall reimburse the Manufacturer for such within 8 days.
  • The transport vehicles of neither the Manufacturer nor the Customer may not be used for the shipment of performed orders placed by foreign companies. Transport can only be arranged with third party freight companies in each such case.
  • At the Customer's request, the Manufacturer helps with arrangements for transport. Orders for such assistance shall be placed by the Customer exclusively in writing. 

Faulty products, guarantee

  • The Manufacturer warrants the fitness of the products manufactured and handed over by it. The freight company/the person taking over the products shall check such fitness during the takeover procedure. After the takeover of the products concerned, the Manufacturer shall have no liability for any damage whatsoever.
  • The Manufacturer shall replace or repair any faulty product as soon as such is reasonably possible. No refund for faulty products is possible.
  • The dismantling and installation of products, in particular, those incorporating springs (motors for blinds and shades) are dangerous and strictly forbidden.
  • The products sold by the Manufacturer shall be checked before resale and installation, and if any malfunction is detected, the product concerned must not be used. The Manufacturer shall not be held liable for any damage arising from the use of a faulty product.
  • Responsibility for returning faulty products shall lie with the Buyer.


  • The Parties submit any issues not discussed in detail above and/or any legal dispute to the exclusive competence of the District Court of Vác, which will take a decision on the case concerned.